Workforce Grants

For primary employers in Rockwall, there are a variety of grant programs available to help alleviate the costs for workforce recruitment and training.




Workforce Grants

Beginning in 2021, the REDC initiated the Workforce Recruitment Grant Program. For qualified grant recipients, the program provides reimbursement of up to half of the costs for marketing and recruitment expenditures aimed at filling hard to recruit positions. Grants are limited to $3,000 to primary employers with 100 employees and above, and $1,500 to primary employers that are smaller in size.

Information on the grant can be found here and the application can be downloaded here. Completed application should be emailed to

Job Fair Grant

Beginning in 2022, the REDC began its efforts to decentralize job fairs benefiting primary employers in the community. Rather than promote and host one job fair at a community location – as had been the case since 2017 – the REDC decided to better invest its resources into providing an upfront Job Fair Grant, providing a maximum of $5,000 for qualified local companies to host and promote their own job fair or open house.

Information on the grant can be found here and the application can be downloaded here. Completed application should be emailed to

In addition to providing direct financial support, the REDC promotes the job fairs through, operated by the REDC, is a single location for all jobs/career pages of primary employers within the City of Rockwall, as well as any other company within Rockwall County that has a jobs page and wants to be included. also promotes job fairs and hiring events within Rockwall County, whether or not a company is a recipient of the REDC Job Fair Grant.

Skills Development Fund/Skills For Small Business

The Texas Workforce Commission – facilitated through the local Workforce Solutions of North Central Texas – provides funding for customized training designed to help existing and new workers stay up-to-date in the skills required for their profession, and to keep businesses competitive. Both the Skills Development Fund and Skills for Small Business Program are offered in collaboration with a local college as the administrator of the training and the recipient of the funds. Funding allocation is typically $1,800 – $2,000 for each trained employee through the two programs.

More information on eligibility and requirements can be found here (Skills Development Fund) and here (Skills For Small Business Program).

Please reach out to REDC staff for general information on the programs, or to ask for an introduction to staff members at Workforce Solutions.



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