Workforce Grants

For primary employers in Rockwall, there are a variety of grant programs available to help alleviate the costs for workforce recruitment and training.




Workforce Recruitment Grant Program

Since 2021, the REDC has offered a Workforce Recruitment Grant to help Rockwall primary employers with their workforce recruitment needs. For qualified grant recipients, the program provides up to half of the costs for marketing and recruitment expenditures aimed at filling hard-to-recruit positions.  Grants are limited to $5,000 to primary employers within the corporate limits of the City of Rockwall.

Job fairs are also an expense covered by the grant program.  The REDC encourages primary employers to host on-site job fairs, giving job seekers the opportunity to experience the employer’s campus, company culture, and working conditions, as well as have a better understanding of the commute. Qualified job fair expenditures may be covered at 100% by the REDC.

You may submit an application by clicking the button below or download the application here and submit it by email to

Additionally, you can click here to download a flyer that will give you a brief overview of the program, or you can click here to download the full program details and requirements

Skills Development Fund/Skills For Small Business

The Texas Workforce Commission – facilitated through the local Workforce Solutions of North Central Texas – provides funding for customized training designed to help existing and new workers stay up-to-date in the skills required for their profession, and to keep businesses competitive. Both the Skills Development Fund and Skills for Small Business Program are offered in collaboration with a local college as the administrator of the training and the recipient of the funds. Funding allocation is typically $1,800 – $2,000 for each trained employee through the two programs.

More information on eligibility and requirements can be found here (Skills Development Fund) and here (Skills For Small Business Program).

Please reach out to REDC staff for general information on the programs, or to ask for an introduction to staff members at Workforce Solutions.

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