Labor Data

Rockwall benefits from its regional proximity to skilled, production labor, while Rockwall’s residents are often employed in white-collar occupations. So, whether you are interested in opening a manufacturing operation or an office facility in Rockwall, we’ll have the workers to fit your needs.

Regional Industrial Workforce

A total of 2.86 million workers are employed within a 45-minute drive time of Rockwall. Of that number, nearly 180,000 are employed at area manufacturing facilities. Due to this proximity, Rockwall has a proven track record of being able to attract manufacturing talent for light industrial employers. The chart below shows key production positions, the number of workers in that occupation within a commuting distance of Rockwall, the average annual wages locally, and how those wages compare to the rest of the nation.


REDC staff can provide specific occupational data (SOC codes) or industrial classification data (NAICS codes) by request. Rockwall data can be compared to any other location across the United States.

Professional Concentrations of Rockwall Residents

While Rockwall’s manufacturing positions are mostly filled by residents of surrounding communities, those that call Rockwall home are well versed in a variety of white-collar occupations. Since these individuals already know and love Rockwall, they are prime candidates to occupy future office developments or headquarters. Professional concentrations of Rockwall residents, and how these concentrations compare to the national average, are listed below.


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