Mission & History


The Rockwall Economic Development Corporation was created to help Rockwall achieve and sustain prosperity. See information below on our vision, mission, and how the REDC came to be.




Rockwall is the premier destination for high-quality business, talent, and investment in the DFW region.

Mission Statement

To retain, grow, and attract new business investment to ensure a sustainable and diversified tax base for Rockwall.

Our History

In 1994, the Rockwall City Council appointed a Rockwall Citizens Commission – the Economic Development Planning Commission – to develop a recommended Economic Development Plan for the City of Rockwall.

The City Council and the Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce engaged in a strategy planning process which included an Economic Vision and a Strategic Plan.

As a result, the stakeholders established the following goals:

• Development of a broad and diversified tax base.

• Create and maintain high quality-of-life.

• Balance small-city living style with economic growth.

• Ensure planning by all local government entities so growth is a function of design, not happenstance.

• Set high expectation of excellence in public education.

• Encompass regional approach to infrastructure development and planning.

The citizens’ biggest concern focused around the imbalance of taxes paid by the residential property owners because of the lack of a strong commercial/industrial tax base. In November 1995, the citizens of Rockwall voted to fund and develop the Rockwall Economic Development Corporation.

Since its inception,  the REDC has been concerned with efforts aimed at the development of light industrial manufacturing and headquarters projects. Most notably, the REDC has acquired and developed the approximate 550-acre Rockwall Technology Park to serve that purpose.

Five-Year Plan

The Rockwall Economic Development Corporation is responsible for ensuring that Rockwall is an ideal location for expanding and relocating businesses. While much of our work is focused on current projects and initiatives, we also have an eye on the future.

See what our Five-Year Plan entails here

Funding and Authorization

The REDC is funded through a 1/2 cent sales tax on any taxable good or service purchased in Rockwall, as approved by the voters.

The organization has been authorized as a Type A Non-Profit Corporation under the Texas Development Corporation Act. Per State law, the proceeds for Type A tax are dedicated to economic development purposes that create or retain primary jobs. Primary jobs are those jobs that help produce or sell products / services on a regional, state, national or international basis that generate the infusion of new dollars into the community.

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